Eddie began life as an off-shoot story in the ongoing development of a feature script from Jon Williams-Nobbs and John Lynch. A shared love of 1980s sci-fi classics led to a very British Sci-Fi story about a group of hapless scientists in an underground facility, an irreverent coming together of ‘Withnail and I’ and John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.


Eddie developed as an attempt to display certain elements of the feature universe through a separate self-contained story; a proof of concept to showcase the talents of the production team.


Director John Lynch set the short vaguely 30 years in the past so that the film could have ‘retro-futuristic’ aesthetic evoking the feel 80s sci-fi. Where as many modern sci-fi shorts rely on heavy post-production VFX work, instead the production team made the most of practical “in-camera” effects and Make-up. Those elements (such as computer displays) which were produced in post, were designed to be purposefully old-fashioned in appearance. Rather than a slick concept of the future, Lynch and the team sought to create ‘dystopian graveyard’ for scientific endeavour.


Cinematographers, Ian Martin and Fabio Guglielmelli, utilised consistent ‘wide angle’ shooting technique to help accentuate the claustrophobic yet expansive nature of the real-life 24,000 square foot nuclear bunker that served as a unique shooting location. Subtly distorted close-ups and wider long shots where the endless tunnels and facility corridors to fall away into a distant and dark abyss really hammer home the darker elements of the film.


Dark humour and a tongue-in-cheek handling of the heavier themes of isolation and imprisonment and horror was also an element than Lynch and Williams-Nobbs saw as paramount and this has been delivered perfectly in the blend of despair and comic timing brought to the film by ‘The Researcher’, played by Johnny Vivash. For his desperate and voiceless test subject, Eddie, the team were lucky to be able to pair the exceptional makeup design of Sara Adams with the pitch perfect character acting of Alan Mandel.