The ‘Overhead Universe’, was created by Jon Williams-Nobbs, to document the misadventures befalling employees of a sinister sci-fi corporation, Overhead. For several years, director John Lynch and Williams-nobbs have been developing a feature film within this world that asks the question, “how might a forgotten, dysfunctional team of scientists react to the realisation that they were, in fact, the bad guys”?


Would their typically British aversion to confrontation mean they just followed orders, or might they become unlikely heroes and attempt to thwart their nefarious employers? The resulting project is a darkly comic, deeply British sci-fi, set in the 1980s, that’s less ‘guns blazing’ and more ‘put the kettle on, pretend nothing is happening’. It’s a surreal cross between Withnail and I and John Carpenter’s The Thing. If you can imagine that.



Much like their characters Lynch and Williams-Nobbs are an under-funded and isolated team. Knowing they’d need to raise some help and investment to bring this world to life, they decided to make a short film, Eddie, to introduce audiences to the Overhead Universe.


The short is a standalone story but with a similar theme to the developing feature project; that of isolation and the unglamorous realities of working for a futuristic conglomerate. The self-funded short is a proof-of-concept for their larger retro-sci-fi world, sharing a lot in common with the planned feature. It incorporates the same location (a real-life 24,000 square foot nuclear bunker), the same cinematography and makeup techniques, and the same theme of what befalls the regular people caught up in a sci-fi corporation’s race for progress.


If you are interested in knowing more about the Overhead Feature Project, you can contact john@eddieshort.co.uk